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  • Am I a captive agent?
    No. However, FED provides a platform that ensures success and requires that our leads are only sold with our carriers. Therefore, we require all final expense production to be placed with our insurance companies. Please see our companies page to determine if releases are needed.
  • Is there training?
    Yes. Our telesales training has been refined over the past 17 years from some of the top professionals in the industry. Seminar-style training, as well as one-one classes, are not only available but are required to ensure your success throughout your relationship with FED.
  • Do I have to cold-call or outbound call?
    No. Our leads are 100% inbound and will be transferred straight to you.
  • Do I have to pay for leads?
    It depends on whether you're on the Flagship or Eagle platform. See our Flagship and Eagle pages for information on each platform.
  • What is a typical day like at Final Expense Direct?
    Your day starts with a morning meeting 9AM CST M-F before you will plug in and receive phone calls and write as many policies as you can. Take a lunch break, then come back and plug back in and write more sales. At FED, we offer a well-oiled machine that brings the leads to you & makes it easier for our agents to write policies. As long as you commit to implement what is learned during training, and commit to the necessary talk time required of a successful telesales agent and treat every lead with the respect it deserves, you will have an opportunity for a six-figure income.
  • What is the charge-back window?
    9 months
  • Do I get residuals?
  • Will I get paid during training?
    No. Agents on the Flagship and Eagle platforms are 1099 commissioned agents and no compensation is available during training.
  • How often will I get paid?
    Agents are paid daily by the carriers.
  • How much money does a Final Expense agent make?
    Your income is entirely up to you, your work ethic, and your ownership of the opportunity. Depending on the platform you participate in, agents have the opportunity of a six-figure to a multiple six-figure income.
  • Do you have a physical office I can work in?
    No. This is a fully remote opportunity!
  • Do I need a license?
    Yes. All agents are required to have a Group 1 life insurance license, and we require that agents have, or be willing to obtain, at least an additional 9 non-resident licenses.
  • Is this hourly or commission?
    This is a commission-based opportunity. Commissions vary based on the platform. See Eagle or Flagship tabs above for more information.
  • Can I work part time?
    No, this is not an opportunity used to supplement income. It requires a full-time, 5-day-a-week commitment. There is no part-time path to success!
  • Is there a difference between the leads on the Flagship and the Eagle?
    No. Whether you’re on the Flagship or the Eagle platform, all leads are consumer-initiated phone calls from multiple media outlets including TV.
  • Is there a minimum amount of leads I have to buy?
    The initial lead-purchase minimum is $1,500.
  • What is the commission level?
    110-125% on the Flagship platform and 45-65% on the Eagle platform. See Eagle and Flagship pages for more information.
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